Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blame IJJJJI...

For putting me on to mind maps.

In case anyone's wondering what the social theory I've been puttering with but not posting about concerns, this is an (admittedly cryptic) sneak peek at about 1/3 of it - what I've been thinking of as anhedonic drives. The interaction of stuff like language coding, cognitive dissonance, the documented correlation between well-being and sense of control, and where those all intersect with our perceptions of cause and effect. And what that means about the way we think, and the way we get to fucking.

Boxes are peer-reviewed psych articles, color-coded for conceptual overlap. If you ever wanted to see a Hitori idea in what basically amounts to its purest form, you're looking at it right here. Questions welcome, naturally. Still mulling over how best to structure an overall explanation.

(EDIT AGAIN: Fixed to include one source two sources I forgot)


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what this means

Hitori said...


That doesn't really surprise me. I mean, what it is is the structure of a really large post / chunk of social theory, but in order for it to mean anything at all you'd have to be familiar with the contents of the articles I'm referencing. Still, I was organizing my thoughts and I figured "Hey, maybe whoever reads my blog will want to see what goes into these Hitori mega-posts". :)

Anonymous said...

a nice flowchart with a heavy dose of explanation should do it. Pretty heavy stuff though, you in the pych field ?