Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To the Anonymous Poster Who Requested More Social Theory-

As near as I've been able to determine, the community isn't receptive to the most important analytical stuff I've done about social dynamics since my last monster post.

That said, I've considered writing one big synthesis post about all the stuff that the community did/could handle.


Andrea said...

It's too bad, I agree with Anonymous and find that to be some of your most fascinating stuff! But then, I'm female and only very loosely follow the community, so I'm probably not your target audience. Carry on.

For the so-called expanded "I Can Give Head" material, would this be targeted at boys or girls? I would have voted 'yes' in the poll, but you had to throw that line in there about guys having the material around their apartments, so I'm not entirely sure who is supposed to be reading this?

Constantin said...

Definitely write the big post. I would love to read it.It's great to have multiple perspectives on social theory and if people disagree LET THEM. Debate is good.

Hitori said...


I don't have a 'target audience' as much as an expected audience. Delighted to find another woman reading, actually.

As far as the material goes, it'd be written toward a female audience, but considering everything I would assume most potential purchasers would be male. Could be wrong on that one, though.

@Constantine -

Thanks! It's good to know I have interest. It's something I'm definitely thinking about.

Anonymous said...

Your social theory stuff is very good. If community can't handle it - screw them, write it anyway. Be outcome independent.

Hitori said...


I write so I can get useful feedback and discussion on things. If I don't expect to get that, it's not really... Well... Worthwhile or fun. You could call that 'outcome dependence' if you like, I suppose.

Anonymous said...


Hun you've got far too much to contribute to stop. Write your blog, write scholarly papers, write a book, but for gods sake keep writing!

You have a responsibility on this.