Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slice of Life: Thresholds

"-- even that wasted I knew to not make out with him at all costs, though," I say. "So he cracked - this is weird - a lot of boys do this. If you dodge giving them a clear-cut yes or no signal for long enough, they crack - I think of it as cracking - and then they just end up telling you their problems."

He's laughing.

I say, "It's true! And weird. They're all -- 'Sex, sex!' and then suddenly it's like, 'I'm lonely.'"

He says, "Actually, girls do a kind of similar thing, but for girls it happens if you make out with them for too long without fingering them. It's some kind of threshold thing, and the time kinda varies, but it ends up like: get your hand in her panties within twenty minutes, or listen to her problems for two hours."


Anonymous said...

Hilarious...and too close for comfort.

You rock.

Anonymous said...

I have always though of it as the puppy maneuver as in would you leave cute puppy shivering in the snow, most chick i know would bring it in and pet it i.e "life has been so cruel to him let me cut him a break and a pity date" and if you are a pro that is your entry need.Problem is if it back fires and sweetheart barricades the door you will be remembered as sad and pathetic emo.
It is usually the last parachute.

Hitori said...

..."The puppy maneuver."

How *incredibly* unattractive.

This sometimes comes up when I haven't decided yet if a dude is for me. Once it happens, though, the answer is ALWAYS "no, I'll pass."

Simon said...

Mea culpa,words fail me when pinning names to concepts.
If read closely You and your boy are talking about two different situations. He is already tight with sweetheart decides not to escalate it and from what I understand you have gauged the guy and decided not to play. My approach is to keep sweetheart talking and connected an emotional level when first game is rejected

Abe said...

You've been absent. Come back.