Monday, December 15, 2008

Slice of Life: Provisional non-hatred

I had him deleted from my phone for a month and a half before we cleared the air-

"Tell me you weren't avoiding me," I told him, "and I'm prepared to provisionally not-hate you"

So now he goes out of his way to show me I'm wanted. "We're thinking of coming down to visit," he says - meaning him and a friend I've never met who wants to try his luck with me - "but you're an hour and a half away."

"Well, you're welcome to drop by."

"You're an hour and a half away. "

"I wasn't even thinking about you. You called me. What are you, looking for me to try to bribe you?"

"What are you going to bribe me with?"

"I'll get you drunk," I say, because it's true. Would be true for anyone who stopped by at this point, with my freezer full of hard liquor. But facts are beside the point.

He says, "Let me call you back."


Dave Doolin said...


Why are you doing this to yourself!?!

Anonymous said...

Was good :)