Monday, December 15, 2008

Slice of Life: Hypothetically Speaking

A very different boy, a very different day -

"A lot of girls say they're okay with you dating other people," he says, "but when it comes down to it they're really not."

"It's one of those situations where the proof is kind of in the pudding, I guess" - because I've already said my peace on that.

"If the pudding is pictures of you fucking other dudes," he says - and we haven't even met yet much less fooled around - "I don't want any."

I say, "I have a no-pictures, no-videos policy."

Him: "That's smart."

"You know why?"


"Well, every time I've ever heard naked pictures come up it was two guys kind of sitting around together and one turns to the other, like -- 'Hey... You wanna see my ex naked?'"

"I won't lie," he says, "I have some videos of my exes and when I've felt wronged, I was tempted. I didn't do it, but -- I was tempted. I like to know I could, though."

Me: "At least you didn't."

Him: "Well, I try to be ethical. Probably the most unethical thing I ever did was film this woman without her knowing -- I mean, knowing her, if I'd told her 'I'm filming this' she probably would have been like 'that's hot.' But I just left the camera running the first time, when I was pretty sure something was going to happen."

"What'd you do with the video?"

"I watched it, added like subtitles and stuff."

"What you actually said, or like jokes?"

"Funny stuff, then I deleted it."

"At that point, you might as well like... Get out Aftereffects and add lightsaber FX." We'd been talking Star Wars, earlier. "And noises."

"Haha, you'd know exactly where to put them, too."

"But yeah, that's why I don't do pictures -- or videos."

"But if you had exclusive control of the video and when it was shown," he says, "with the right guy, you might do it."

I say, "Maybe."


Dave Doolin said...

My goodness! Two in one day. And right when I just happen to have my RSS reader open too.

Ok, so, hit the pause button while I make some popcorn... j/k

Good to have you back!

We want more Hitori!

Hitori said...

I kind of like doing these little "slice of life" posts - you know, my view of the game through the lens of actual conversations I've had.

Plus, they're easy to write.

Dave Doolin said...

Excellent. Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

So u no cyber with ur webcam?

Hah. Lol. Glad to see you around again. We missed you. A little bit :)